Tom Car In Production

Tomcar was created to make the inaccessible…accessible. Because serious adventure should not be the private domain of the rich or the specially trained, Tomcar provides the vehicle that can take anyone just about anywhere on earth and then bring them back safely. Tomcar is the product of 33 years of building high-performance vehicles for military and industrial clients who demanded affordability, reliability, and, above all, safety.

Unique. Unmatched. Extraordinary. Tomcar has all these qualities and many more. From its origins as a fast, tough, off-road military vehicle, the Tomcar has evolved into an ultra-functional, durable, and versatile machine fit for commercial and private use in the most demanding conditions.

Unlike mass market ATVs and UTVs, the Tomcar is designed and built to a professional grade standard, with a design that uses the highest quality materials and components. From its immensely strong, fully-welded steel tube chassis to its heavy-duty, four-wheel independent suspension and low center of gravity, the Tomcar is designed to be safe, rugged, and extremely dependable.

The Tomcar truly can go ANYWHERE AND BACK™.

Simply put, it is the perfect vehicle to experience nature’s beauty and have a BLAST at the same time.

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